what we do

Need a customized application to suit your business needs? Worry no more! At Qboxus, we create clones of popular applications that are already in the market. We have most, if not all, applications available in our collection. The apps range from food delivery apps like Skipthedishes and Seamless, dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble, video sharing apps like TikTok to image sharing apps such as Instagram. You buy the app for an affordable fee of less then $40, and we will customize the app to suit your brand. This way, you save your precious money for other business processes such as marketing. Better yet, it is a one-time fee transaction and no monthly cost is required.

our services


We offer prototyping, branding, UI and UX design for web and mobile products.


Character Design, Icon Set, Illustration Guide, Illustration Set

IOS Development

We use modern programming languages, such as Swift and Objective-C


HTML/CSS, JavaScript Animation, WordPress, Responsive Website

Android Development

We develop Android apps in Java and Kotlin.

Web Development

We provide both frontend and backend development services.

our latest works

Badoo Clone Dating App

App Development, Android

Foodies - Food Delivery App

App Development, Android and IOS App


App Development, Android

Binder - Tinder Clone

IOS and Android

Infotex - Social Video Sharing App

App Development, Android,IOS

Vorz - Blockchain NFT Application

App Development,Blockchain, Android,IOS,

Nafter - Social Media NFT Platform

Blockchain Application